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How to Play Fantasy Rodeo

Choose a Rodeo:
  1. Visit the High Roller Rodeo 2022 Schedule to see a tentative list of High Roller Rodeo events for the 2022 rodeo season.

  2. Visit the Fantasy Lobby page to view all open registrations for fantasy rodeo games and choose one or more events to register for.

Choose Your Team:
  1. Once you select a rodeo you would like to register for, select all the available options to choose from for that event.

  2. Select a rodeo athlete for each rodeo event via the dropdown list on the registration page.

  3. Select a team name.

  4. Submit a tiebreaker entry by estimating the number of points you think your team will score during the event you registered for.

  5. Submit your team and payment.

General Rules:
  1. You are only competing against other HRR players that registered for the same HRR event.

  2. Points are scored based on the money value won by rodeo athletes during the rodeo you registered to play. It is important to note that only the money won by a rodeo athlete during a specific rodeo will be counted.  

  3. The tiebreaker score will be used in the event of two or more players choosing the same rodeo athletes for their teams during the same rodeo event.  In the event that the tie is still not broken, the placing will be split between the contestants.

  4. Multiple fantasy events may be entered at one time and is encouraged.  If a player chooses to register for multiple events at once, there is no restriction on the rodeo athletes they choose.  The player may use the same rodeo athletes or choose different athletes for each event.

  5. Multiple entries in the same rodeo event may be entered.  In doing so, the HRR player will choose different rodeo athletes in one or more event.  The number of multiple entries in the same event is unlimited.  The team names must be different for each entry.

  6. Currently the only events High Roller Rodeo offers are PRCA rodeos and do not inlcude Xtreme Bull or Xtreme Bronc events. 

  7. Payback on HRR events will be 80%.

  8. Any questions, concerns, or other matters may be resolved by contacting High Roller Rodeo.  We always make it our mission to provide quality customer service and resolve all matters as peacefully as possible. 

  9. High Roller Rodeo fantasy rodeo events are strictly a game of skill and should only be entered with the understanding of the High Roller Rodeo Rules as well as the Terms and Conditions.  

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