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About High Roller Rodeo

Our Mission

We have made it our mission at High Roller Rodeo to increase the support of rodeo in it's entirety by means of engaging fans in online events based around various rodeos around the country.  We believe fan support will only grow the sport of rodeo as a whole by providing additional financial opportunities, drawing larger crowds via rodeo attendance and TV presence, as well as growing the contestant base of the future by reaching a larger demographic area.  With roots deep in the rodeo world, High Roller Rodeo will provide excellent entertainment to rodeo fans while promoting rodeo athletes, stock contractors, rodeo animals, individual rodeos, and partnering companies.  We pledge to use all of our resources to bring as many people possible together to promote the sport of rodeo. 

How We Started

Fantasy sports started as early as 1962 but didn't gain a large following until the turn of the century.  With the most popular of the fantasy sports being football, every fall turns into a fantasy frenzy for millions of Americans.  Since the rise of protesting the National Anthem, the NFL has continued to fluctuate in viewers and those boycotting the sport of football.  Personal involvement in fantasy football leagues and not having anything to fill the void once boycotting began left a need for a new fantasy sport to emerge.  Enter the idea of creating a better, more consistent fantasy rodeo game easily accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.  During the fall of 2020, brainstorming began and different methods were tested to provide the best experience possible when playing a new fantasy rodeo game.  It wasn't until early 2021 when the first fantasy rodeo games were launched and trialed by High Roller Rodeo.  Now there was a starting point to start the High Roller Rodeo voyage.

Where We Are Now

High Roller Rodeo took a break during the summer of 2021 to continue in polishing ideas, platforms, and other structural ideologies.  Fall of 2020 brought the official launch for public entries to play High Roller Rodeo with the Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeo.  Participation started slow but a contestant base was formed and support for High Roller Rodeo was underway.  We continued to roll out fantasy rodeo games with the various circuit finals rodeos that were going on during the last few months of 2021.  We launched a special game during the 2021 National Finals Rodeo along with our traditional fantasy rodeo game for the course of the 2021 NFR.  We called it a semi-successful campaign which drew in a good number of contestants.  Upon the close of the 2021 NFR, we took a break to begin work on switching website platforms to one that was more user friendly and gave users a better experience when visiting the site and signing up their teams.  We missed all the big winter rodeos such as Denver, Houston, San Antonio, San Angelo, etc.  But now we are re-launching our new and improved website starting with Guymon, Oklahoma and we will continue to move forward from their providing coverage for the remainder of the 2022 rodeo season and forward.  We are excited to come back strong in providing rodeo fans with great entertainment as they follow along with the PRCA and their favorite athletes and rodeos.  

Where We Are Headed

We strongly feel that rodeo is a sport that is on the rise and will continue in being on the rise as the PRCA works to modernize the sport as a whole.  It is in our opinion that the implementation of The Cowboy Channel was the largest contribution to the rodeo world that we have seen to date and has provided a vital service to families, fans, and contestants of rodeo.  Most everyone is able to turn on their TV or smartphone and be able to watch a variety of different rodeos at any given time.  Families of rodeo athletes are able to watch their loved ones while they are gone on the road for weeks on end.  Fans can follow their favorite athletes or watch their favorite rodeos all from the comfort of their own home.  And rodeo athletes can watch their fellow competitors at other rodeos, or watch the competition at the rodeo they will soon be headed to.  The Cowboy Channel also covers numerous different areas of the western world with their many different programs.  Different businesses or sponsors also found a new way to get their names and products on a larger level by means of commercials and other avenues with The Cowboy Channel.  Although it doesn't completely catch rodeo up with the other popular sports that can be seen on network television, it largely advanced rodeo to a national platform that can be found in a large number of homes.  We see this as a potential domino effect for numerous reasons, the first being grabbing a larger fan base by people stumbling upon a rodeo being aired on TV and finding that they enjoy it.  The next domino is the number of those individuals that decide they want to get involved by a number of opportunities.  They may decide they want to attend an actual rodeo and jump online to find a rodeo schedule and actively become more involved with the sport.  They may have kids or may be kids that find athletes or events that they idolize or want to participate in and start actively looking for how to compete in rodeos regardless of the level they may be at which, in turn, leads to a larger potential contestant base for the sport.  Lastly, these people that become fans of rodeo may decide they want to look like these athletes that they now idolize and spend their money at large western outlets or name brand stores which pour sponsorship bucks into rodeo, giving them a larger demographic to market to.  

High Roller Rodeo fits hand in hand with improving this level of support for rodeo by providing an additional entertainment service to current and potential rodeo fans with fantasy rodeo games.  Now that it is possible to watch rodeo athletes players have adopted to their teams, it becomes much more enjoyable and desired to play fantasy rodeo games and watch or attend rodeos.  We will continue to provide different entertainment levels with new game modes we come up with, but for now the basic structure is by choosing rodeo athletes and have them on your team for a single rodeo.  There is room for growth and we will continue to grow as our support level increases and we can increase the support for rodeo overall.  We truly believe the sky is the limit for rodeo and we will do all we can to increase the rodeo fan base.  

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